2NE1’s Interview For L’Officielle Hommes

2NE1 and Will.I.Am have already worked on a dozen songs for a year, wherein 10 are already finished. They had met with each other in advance of the group’s American debut.

We will ask a few things about working with Will.I.Am. How is it working with him and what is the progress of your American debut album?

2NE1:Making an album doesn’t only mean that we record a few songs and then that’s that. We work with a dozen songs, different kinds of music, where only a few of the songs make it into the album, while the others don’t get included in that particular album, but later are included in another album, there are cases like that. We are constatnly continuing to work hard to make a better album.

During that time when you and Will.I.Am worked together, there are surely some interesting things…

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