OH MY GOD. Did anyone of you had a heart attack just like me when you saw Dara’s update?! My heart cannot take the third picture! Seriously, Dara’s body is so glorious!!! Her abs! I love her abs/tummy so much! <333 Its not everyday that we get to see a provocative side of Dara, and I am so happy to have seen this sexy side of her! Go go model Dara!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treat!!! ^____^

The goodies look all so good btw! Me wants! T_T

[뉴에콘 굿즈] 굿즈를 먼저 손에넣은 능력자!!!^_^v착용샷! 모델:산다라박!!! 짱귀짱귀!+.+이거외에도 여러가지 굿즈들이 있는데~다른건 내일 입어야징!!!아우 근데 저 매쉬티 좀 야하당 >.< 갑자기 입느라 갖춰입지못햇어요!ㅠ.ㅠ쏘리~그럼 난 다시 리허설하러~뿅!

[New E Con Goods] The capable person to try out the goods personally first! ^_^v Shots while wearing them! Model: Sandara Park!!! Awesomely cute, awesomely cute! +.+ Aside from the goods shown here, there…

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