OH MY GOD. Did anyone of you had a heart attack just like me when you saw Dara’s update?! My heart cannot take the third picture! Seriously, Dara’s body is so glorious!!! Her abs! I love her abs/tummy so much! <333 Its not everyday that we get to see a provocative side of Dara, and I am so happy to have seen this sexy side of her! Go go model Dara!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treat!!! ^____^

The goodies look all so good btw! Me wants! T_T

[뉴에콘 굿즈] 굿즈를 먼저 손에넣은 능력자!!!^_^v착용샷! 모델:산다라박!!! 짱귀짱귀!+.+이거외에도 여러가지 굿즈들이 있는데~다른건 내일 입어야징!!!아우 근데 저 매쉬티 좀 야하당 >.< 갑자기 입느라 갖춰입지못햇어요!ㅠ.ㅠ쏘리~그럼 난 다시 리허설하러~뿅!

[New E Con Goods] The capable person to try out the goods personally first! ^_^v Shots while wearing them! Model: Sandara Park!!! Awesomely cute, awesomely cute! +.+ Aside from the goods shown here, there…

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Dang gurl! Work it! I love this pic of her! She looks oh so fierce and hot and edgy! Love her barely there make up with smoky eyeshadow!

Check out the pics of Minzy, Bom, and CL after the cut! ^^

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YAY for HQ pics! ^^

I love it when Dara just does a simple pose and let her eyes do the talking. She has such an intense stare. And her skin. Flawless. ^^

Edgy DaRin! 

And my fierce, sexy, gorgeous 2NE1!

Check out Minzy, CL, and Bommie’s pictures after the cut!

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I just had to create a seperate post for Dara’s press photos. She looks sooooo beautiful at today’s event. Her smile… She just smiles so brightly that it makes me smile too. And her hair, Dara rocks the braided hair so well! Just like how she pulls off every hairstyle she tries. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Sandara Park is a living Goddess!!! <333

More of gorgeous Goddess Dara after the cut! ^^

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2NE1, A Surprise Comeback After One Year.. New Album On June, Concert On July

The 4 members of 2NE1, Gong Minzy, Sandara Park, Park Bom, and CL, would be releasing a new album and returning to the domestic fans after a year.

A representative from 2NE1‘s entertainment agency, YG Entertainment, told Star News on the afternoon of the 21st that, “2NE1 would be releasing a new Korean album in mid-June,” he said. The representative continued, “Producer Teddy has already completed 7 or more wonderful songs for 2NE1,” he revealed.

It’s been approximately 11 months since 2NE1 released “2NE1 2nd Mini Album” during July of last year, in Korea. In 2NE1’s 2nd mini album, their songs “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely” “I Am The Best,” “Hate You,” and “Ugly” all became great hits. As is expected from 2NE1, many of their songs become…

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dara’s drawings are adorable!

Woohoo! It seems like 2NE1 is going back to Singapore! I wonder when though? So, Singaporean Blackjacks, prepare yourselves!  In her me2day, Dara said that 2NE1 will be in Daegu on May 24, Busan on May 31 and then most probably Singapore. Can’t wait for what the girls have in store for us!

Aren’t these drawings so cute?

Update #1:

와쌉?!? ^.^ 이번달은 서울 여수 대구 부산 찍고 ~ 싱가폴까지~! 아주 바쁘게 여러곳에 있는 팬분들을 만나러 갈수 있어서 아주 ~ 햄볶아요! 직접 만날 기회가 많이 없어서 아쉬웠는데 우리 이럴때 신나게 놀아야죵! +.+ 카몬~!!!(내가 그린 달툰..어때요?ㅋㅋ)

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Wassup?!? This month, we’ll be shooting in Seoul, Daegu, Busan ~ And Singapore~! We’re going to be really busy going to a lot of different places in order to meet all the fans~ I’m really happy! Although we don’t get a lot of chances to meet directly, so let’s have fun and…

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